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Preview Sunday: The Lone Bellow’s ‘Then Came The Morning’

UPDATE: The whole thing is available thanks to NPR. NPR is seriously amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.36.18 PMWhen and what: 
“Then Came The Morning” is The Lone Bellow’s second studio album. It’s coming out on January 27th. Who they are: The Lone Bellow is a Brooklyn-based trio of transplanted Southerners who absolutely crushed it on their debut album almost two years ago to the day. Zach Williams is typically the lead singer, though vocal harmonies are the single most important element of what The Long Bellow does. They’re best described as indie folk but there are strong elements of gospel and country in some if not most of their songs. Their formula is to rock out loudest right before the last refrain. Aaron Dessner (The National) produced their latest effort. Continue reading “Preview Sunday: The Lone Bellow’s ‘Then Came The Morning’”