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Singles Tuesday: “Wherever Is Your Heart,” “Going Out Like That”

-And with that, the first single of 2015 that pertains to this blog finds me wanting it to be March already. Brandi Carlile is leaning more heavily on the twins than ever in her latest two folk-rock singles.

Admittedly, “Wherever Is Your Heart” is one of the simpler entries in the singer-songwriter’s impressive catalogue, and one that does not live up to “The Story” or “Hard Way Home.” But “Wherever” is a showcase for Carlile’s vocal and harmonizing skills as well as the band’s ability to turn up the energy with a simple pair of guitars.

I’d say this one serves best as a hint of what’s to come in March when “The Firewatcher’s Daughter” drops, rather than as an album highlight. “The Eye,” the new album’s first single, falls squarely into the latter category, so check that out too.

Reba McEntire is also back with new music in the form of “Going Out Like That,” an uplifting radio-ready single that’s traditional enough to please at least some of her loyal fans. Her voice is a little deeper these days, but the heavy hooks and voice alterations make her sound slightly more modern. Don’t get me wrong. This single would still do better a couple of decades ago, but it’s still good and may work anyway.

It may not be a stretch to read into the title in terms of McEntire’s career. A cancelled sitcom was certainly not going to be her last appearance on the big stage. Her NASH Icon debut seems like a more ambitious release than I once thought. Hopefully this comeback goes well, though it may find more traction in the realm of adult contemporary than pop-country.



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