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Pharis and Jason Romero Talk With Country Pocket

I was lucky enough to have the chance to talk to Pharis and Jason Romero from the out on their tour of the Western parts of Canada and the United States via Skype yesterday. They’re supporting they’re incredible new album “A Wanderer I’ll Stay” and I’m supporting my show on WUSB 90.1 which happens to be called Country Pocket like this site. I’ll be broadcasting the full interview along with most of the album on Friday at 7 am in a full hour dedicated to this serene folk singing duo, but for those who can’t tune in or just aren’t awake yet at that hour, I thought I’d provide our pre-recorded conversation for you to listen to here. Below are both parts of the interview and the powerful title track from “Wanderer,” along with a link to buy the album on Bandcamp.



I host Country Pocket on WUSB Stony Brook 90.1 FM. Content from the show will appear on

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